Taiwan Program Update

taiwanThe picture to the right shows “home” for some of the children in the care of one of one of our partner organizations in Taiwan.  When this room fills – it fills with children and activity and projects.  Not unlike daycare and preschool here in our communities.  Of course, the difference is that these children do not go home to loving families at the end of the day.  We are thankful to our partner organizations in Taiwan, Cathwel and Chung Yi, who continue to maintain international adoption programs that give toddlers and older children the opportunity for a lifelong family of their own.

Exciting News! One family in our Taiwan program was thrilled to complete their adoption and arrive home prior to Chinese New Year!  They came home with a sibling group of 2!  Brennan, age 4 and Emily, age 2!

There are many sibling groups available for adoption from Taiwan!  Most sibling groups include one child that is school aged.  Gladney’s partner organizations work extremely hard to always place siblings together in families – however, due to the unique needs of adopting a sibling group, these children tend to wait much longer for their forever families.  If you are interested in learning more about adopting siblings, please be in touch with Gladney Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at mary.chapman@gladney.org.

Program Update: This month we received a referral of a 20 month old girl for a family waiting in our Chung Yi program!  Gladney currently has 6 families with referrals in various stages of the PAIR/dossier/court process.

China Program Update

Welcome home Anli!  Jumping for joy...in rainboots!

Welcome home Anli! Jumping for joy…in rainboots!

This month saw five families travel to China to complete their adoptions – and in March six more families will begin their travel to China!  As we look forward to the spring – we should have an additional six to eight families travelling in the months of April and May.  Wow!!  It is so encouraging to see the children coming home – many of the children having been seen last year in China by our Superkids team!

In January the CCCWA in Beijing (China’s Central Authority for Adoptions) switched over to a new database for managing the international program  – and all agencies have been adjusting to interfacing with this new system.  Things have been going smoothly – and in fact in the weeks leading up to the CCCWA closure for the Chinese New Year, much good news was processed through this database and then sent internationally via DHL!  In February Gladney received several visits by our friendly DHL carrier – bringing us 4 LSCs and 4 TA’s!  It is wonderful to receive these documents on ANY day — but it seems when they arrive near a holiday – it is extra special to be able to share this news with family and friends.  In our next newsletter I think we might include a picture of our DHL representative – it will be fun for many of you to “meet” him – one more reliable person who we depend on for this multi-step process of bringing a child safely home!

We have been welcoming new families into the program and would like to continue to encourage parents, as they begin the process and undergo their home study, to be flexible in considering gender, age, and medical need.  For each family “being flexible” looks different – but inevitably, should lead you to a place you are happy (and meant) to be!

For more information on Gladney’s China Waiting Child Program, contact Judy Hayes at judy.hayes@gladney.org.

The Year of the Green Wooden Ram

2015 is the year of the Green Wooden Ram (Goat or Sheep)!lion

May luck, prosperity and peace fill your days!

Fortunes circulating for this New Year of the Ram announce:  “2015 is a crucial year!”; “mankind may once again have high hopes for the future!”  I think we would agree that these fortunes might very well be accurate – and will unfold for us in both a personal and global way. At Gladney Center we know this is a crucial year for many children waiting to be adopted, especially those who will ‘age out’ at the young age of 14.  There is one such boy, Andy, who needs a family now.  Many of our families are thinking about him, advocating for him in social media, and praying that he finds his family soon.  We are hopeful for Andy and for all our children – in 2015 and beyond. — Wendy Stanley

Resource – The Connected Child

The Connected ChildThe Connected Child is a wonderful resource for adoptive families. The work of Karryn Purvis and David Cross is groundbreaking in the fields of adoption and attachment research. Their book explores what they call “Trust-Based Relational Intervention” (TBRI), a framework that gives parents the tools they need to bring healing to their children’s lives.

The Gladney Center believes so strongly in TBRI that it has become the foundation for The Gladney Center’s Pathways Training for healthy adoptive families. We highly recommend this resource to any family who believes that information and honesty creates safe, stable homes where children thrive.

Gladney Family Associations

AmyLeeThe Gladney Family Association (GFA) connects families who share the bond of adoption. This month  the President of the New York Metro GFA, Amy Lee, shares what the GFA has meant to he – and welcomes interested parents to an upcoming meeting!

“In 2007, I adopted my daughter through Gladney’s China Program, and signed on as a member of our local GFA chapter. As such, I can speak from the heart to tell you that the GFA is an invaluable resource to all of the Gladney families in our region. Not only does the board plan and host a slew of fun family outings throughout the year, but perhaps more importantly it connects us all to one another. It nurtures life-long friendships between families who have taken shared paths along the adoption journey and it reminds us we always have help and support when we need it.”

Please consider becoming involved in the New York Metro GFA. To learn more, please email Amy Lee at amy.gfa@gmail.com.

China Service Trip 2015

Dates for the next service trip are July 2-14, 2015!

The team will be traveling to Beijing, Changsha, Zhang Jia Jie, and Shanghai and volunteering for several days in an orphanage in Changsha. The rest of the time will be spent sight-seeing and experiencing China’s rich culture and scenic beauty. 

Even though temperatures are frigid – It is neither too early nor too late to start thinking seriously about the summer! Anyone over the age of 14 is welcome to participate. Applications are available. For more information, please contact Mary Chapman at mary.chapman@gladney.org.

Superkids – Super Team Members Highlight

RockyandAshleyThe efforts of Superkids are entirely collaborative. It’s an all-in, hands-on type of program and it wouldn’t be possible without the work of our in-country friends.

Rocky and Ashley are dedicated and beloved members of the Superkids team. From coordinating travel to translating to helping the children feel at ease, these two make Superkids trips not only possible but all-together enjoyable. They even take it upon themselves to track down coffee and diet coke for the fatigued American volunteers! They have invested so much of themselves into the program and more importantly, into the lives of the children we serve. We look forward to another year working with these intelligent and compassionate men and we wish them and their beautiful families infinite blessings in the new year!


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