Guang Ming Star – Meet Grayson!


“Grayson is a very friendly 11 year old boy. When we met him he entered the room with a smile on his face. He was eager and excited to interact with us in all of the activities we did with him, but he especially enjoyed drawing a self portrait. He was very careful and detailed in his drawing. Grayson has a repaired cleft lip and palate. He says his favorite activity is playing badminton. He is a polite, respectful boy who has expressed a desire to be adopted. Grayson has the greatest laugh! When he found something funny it didn’t take long until everyone was laughing with him. Even as he was leaving the room Grayson was smiling and waving. This boy touched each of us with his sweet, cheerful way of relating to everyone in the room. He showed such grace and easy acceptance in spite of living in less than ideal circumstances! “

~Erin Martin, Superkids Volunteer

Click here to see a video of Grayson!

Grayson being a good sport with Dr. Darla!

Grayson being a good sport with Dr. Darla!

Grayson was so friendly and outgoing, he really had fun with other kids!

Grayson was so friendly and outgoing, he really had fun with other kids!

Grayson is an amazing boy who wants to be part of a family.  He is 11 years old and still has time to be adopted by a family in the early stages of the paperwork process.  Do you think you could open your heart to this child?  

Contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Bye Grayson, we loved meeting you!

Bye Grayson, we loved meeting you!

Grayson is one of many great kids waiting for a family!  For more information about Gladney’s China Waiting Child program please contact April Uduhiri or visit our Superkids blog.

Superkids Webinar

Two members of the Superkids team, April and Erin, who traveled to China last month presented a webinar on Wednesday, May 20th, to discuss their trip and some of the kiddos they met.  If you weren’t able to attend, you can watch a recording of the webinar below.  A second webinar is scheduled for May 28th – be on the lookout for more information on the Superkids blog.

Superkids Waiting Child – Jasmine

Gladney’s Superkids team visited China in April.  We are going to be posting about a few of the children they met while in China who are available for adoption.  You can read more about Superkids and their trip on their blog.

Are you ready to lose your heart again? (How many times can it happen?!) Today I’m introducing little Miss Jasmine. She is two years old and as cute as a button!


The Superkids team just met her in April and here are some of the things we learned about her:

  • She walks independently and can walk backwards.
  • She throws balls and cries when toys are taken away from her.
  • She searches for a hidden object.
  • She says simple phrases such as, “I want.”
  • She answers yes and no questions.
  • She identifies pictures in a book.

So that tells you a little about her. But it doesn’t really tell you who she is. That is one reason that I love meeting these children!


Jasmine is a little bit shy but warmed up pretty quickly. At first she would hide behind her caregiver when I tried to play with her, but it didn’t take long for her to get in to a fun little game of rolling the ball back and forth. I won a few shy smiles as we played together.


Jasmine is going to need a family who is open to some uncertainties. She seems to be doing well, but there are several things noted in her file that a family will want to speak with Keely (Superkids PT) about.

Could this little sweetheart be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Superkids Waiting Child – Jude

Gladney’s Superkids team visited China in April.  We are going to be posting about a few of the children they met while in China who are available for adoption.  You can read more about Superkids and their trip on their blog.

Jude was the first child we saw at his orphanage. He was accompanied by several beaming nannies. As they snapped photos and proudly told us of his accomplishments it became quite obvious that he is a great favorite among the staff.


And, I have to say, we could understand why they would love him! He has an outgoing personality and a lovely smile. He is smart and engaging and doesn’t let anything slow him down.

Jude has complex limb deformities that cause him to need to walk on his knees, but he doesn’t bother just walking, he runs on those knees! His hands are also affected, but again, he compensates so well!

Jude3 Jude is almost 3 years old and is developmentally on target. He speaks in sentences and follows commands. He climbed up on a little rocking horse by himself. He engaged very well with his caregivers. When we would give him a toy, he would immediately take it over to show it to his caregivers.


Jude is an exceptional little boy in so many ways! Could he be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

China Heritage Tours

heritageThis month we had the opportunity to sit down with our long time volunteer and Gladney mom, Lydia Macci, to talk about her work organizing Heritage Tours for families.

For Lydia, it all started when she dared to share her hopes of adoption with a stranger who gave her the name of Gongzhan Wu. Through Gongzhan she and her husband got connected to Gladney and traveled with 5 other families to China for their second adoption. This experience bound these families and their daughters in remarkable ways. The girls from this travel group still refer to each other as their “Chinese sisters.” The parents recognized right away the importance of fostering these precious friendships and keeping the door open for these girls to reconnect with their Chinese culture. So when the girls were between 10 and 12 years old, four of the six families traveled to China to visit their daughters’ orphanages, finding places, and to explore the vibrant country they once called home. You can read some of their stories here.

Lydia was so moved by this experience that she agreed to help Gongzhan plan trips for other families. Thus began Gladney’s Heritage Tours. A Heritage Tour is not a ready-made vacation. It is a customizable experience that is centered around your family’s adoption journey.

Lydia’s personal experience with Heritage Tours makes her an incredible resource for our families. She’s savvy and sincere and has a wonderful heart for adoption. She is a wealth of knowledge and we will be sharing her expert traveler’s tips through our monthly newsletters, so if this is an experience you are considering now or in the future stay tuned!

China Program Update

The DHL guy bringing good news!

The “DHL guy” bringing good news!

In February five families traveled to China to complete their adoptions – and in March six more families traveled to China!  As we continue into spring – we will have an additional six to eight families travelling in the months of April and May.  Wow!!  It is so encouraging to see the children coming home – many of the children having been seen last year in China by our Superkids team!

As promised in last month’s newsletter – here is a picture of our DHL representative with Leta – this is the gentleman who brings our good news of LSCs and TAs from China!

Gladney staff and the Superkids team are currently in China meeting some of the children who will be available for adoption.  In late May we will plan an informational webinar to talk about the children and their orphanages and the current process of adopting from China.

Program Update: The CCCWA has issued referrals for the Standard, Healthy Infant Program to families with Log In Dates (LIDs) through 12/25/06.

For more information on Gladney’s China Waiting Child Program, visit our Asia Waiting Child blog or contact Judy Hayes at

Philippines Program Update

We are very much looking forward to the imminent travel of our first family to depart Texas and travel to the Philippines this month to bring their son home!  There have been many Skype sessions occurring and planning being put into place at Gladney, Samaritan’s Place, and the child’s orphanage.  It is wonderful to work together with excellent communication and technology to ease us – as we all feel the newness of this first placement.   

Through Gladney’s Special Home Finding Program, we learn about children who are available for adoption from the Philippines.  These children typically are school aged, and may have special needs.  There are also many sibling groups available.  The greatest need is for families who are open to adopting children over the age of 10 years old and sibling groups that include teenagers.  For more information, please be in touch with Asia Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman at



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