China Program Update

China picFive Gladney families traveled to China this month to complete their adoptions!  We had adoptions happening simultaneously in all three of our partnership provinces:  Shanghai, Jiangxi and Hunan.  We also had two families in Guizhou and Guangdong completing their adoptions who were matched with children outside of our partnership relationships.   We are really happy for these families to have a good part of the summer to spend together.  We will look forward to collecting pictures to share in our August newsletter.  We also had one LSC issued this month to a family in our waiting child program, and we now have 3 families with TA’s who will be travelling in August.  congratulations to all!


It is wonderful to see so much happening!  Summer is a great time for children to arrive into their families with a routine that emphasizes more “down-time”; time to play and be present with your family.  Of course, it is also that time of year when bedtime curfew is lax and there is a little too much screen time.  But the upside of summer experiences with siblings, visiting relatives, and outdoor adventures gives our children the bricks and mortar to one day build their family..and create the space for their own children to one day grow.    


China Standard Program Update:   The CCCWA has reported that it has processed referrals for parents who submitted dossiers through 12/30/2006.

Reminder – China Family Dinner Thursday!

Please JOIN US this Thursday for a casual family dinner in Fort Worth, TX, close to Gladney’s main campus.  Agency staff will be sharing information about the current China adoption process, Superkids visits to the orphanages, and this year’s China Service Trip for teens.  We hope that Gladney families and friends in the local area can join us.  The evening is also open to those interested in learning about adoption from China.  If you would like to join, we must have your RSVP.

WHEN: July 30th, 6pm

WHERE:  East Gourmet Buffet, 6080 S. Hulen St., Fort Worth, TX.  

RSVP by July 29th:  To

2 Families Needed for Siblings!

Gladney has learned of a sibling group of 5 children who are in need of forever families. It is in the children’s best interest to place them into two separate families.

8.14 Photo13

Mac is an adorable, healthy 10 year old boy who is gentle with a strong personality. He loves computer games and watching cartoons. Mac is in need of a family where he can feel safe and loved. Mac would be placed separately from his younger siblings.

8.14 Photo8.1

May is a cheerful, curious, and considerate almost-9 year old. She is loves reading, playing games with her peers, and riding a bike. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and loves comforting others when they are upset.

Mabel is a shy 7 year old who loves to laugh and be cute. She looks up to her big sister and loves to play with her and their peers. She also enjoys riding a bike.

Malcolm is a kindhearted, cheerful, and energetic 6 year old boy. He loves to play with toy cars, building blocks, and puzzles. He also takes Tae Kwon Do!

Macon is a shy and caring 4 year old boy. Like his big brother he takes Tae Kwon Do and likes to play with toy cars and building blocks.

For more information on these siblings and to review their profiles, please be in touch with Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at Families must have a current home study in order to be considered for matching.

LIN, J (2)         7.15 Photo2

China Service Trip Reflections

We started our first day in Beijing by enjoying a delicious buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We were then greeted by Rocky, our Beijing tour guide. We first went to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Here, we were treated to the sights of these famous buildings, and our experience was greatly enhanced by Rocky’s interesting commentary. As we made our way through the twists and turns of the Forbidden City we learned about the architecture of the structures and the historical significance of the area.

IMG_4501  IMG_4502

We then took a short bus ride to the Hutong area of Beijing. Here we got to ride in rickshaws though the streets of an ancient district that has been preserved. We were given a tour by a man named Victor, who grew up in a very similar district (now torn down and developed), and was very passionate about the history and culture that was preserved in Hutong. This area was so interesting, especially in contrast to parts of Beijing that are so developed. We also got to eat a delicious meal prepared by a local family, who also taught us how to make dumplings. After lunch we headed to an acrobatic show, which was truly spectacular. We then went to a teahouse, where we got to taste five different types local tea and learn about some Chinese tea customs. We finished the day at a restaurant that specialized in Peiking duck. Here, we stuffed ourselves with delicious Beijing dishes; a great way to end our first day in Beijing.

IMG_4403   IMG_4503

The following day we drove to a Jade Carving factory, where we leaned about the process of carving jade and how to distinguish real jade from fake jade. At the factory they sold jade jewelry, figurines, statues, and ornaments. We then headed to the Great Wall. We went to one of Rocky’s favorite sections, which is called the Mu Tian Yu section. We went up the mountain by cable car and when we reached the top we walked along the Wall and took a group picture with everyone wearing their service trip t-shirt. On the Wall, Gongzhan and Rocky strategically blocked off and maneuvered people around sections of the wall so that we could take our pictures uninterrupted by other visitors. When it came time to go down the mountain we got to travel by the longest slide in the world. One by one we mounted plastic carts and headed down the mountain. After eating lunch at the base of the mountain we headed to the airport and boarded a flight to Changsha.


I have been to Beijing once before to see the 2008 Olympics, but I am so happy I got to revisit with a more mature perspective. I especially enjoyed our Hutong tour because it was a part of Beijing that I have never experienced, and didn’t even know existed. It was amazing to see how well it has been preserved and really emphasizes how rapid Beijing’s development has been. It was also my second time visiting the Great Wall but the section that Rocky took us to made this visit especially memorable. Along the section there were watchman towers that you could climb and get the most incredible view. These two days in Beijing were jam packed with activities, but was a great way to kick-off the trip.

– Sara, age 19

China Families Dinner – Please Join Us!

Please join Gladney Center for Adoption for a casual family dinner in Fort Worth, TX, close to Gladney’s main campus.  Leta White, China Program Caseworker and Keely O’Dell, Superkids physical therapist will be sharing information about the current China adoption process, recent Superkids visits to the Gladney’s partner orphanages, and this year’s China Service Trip for teens.

We hope that Gladney families and friends in the local area can join us!  The evening is also open to others who are interested in learning about adoption.  Room Capacity is limited, guests must RSVP.

WHEN: July 30th, 6pm

WHERE:  East Gourmet Buffet, 6080 S. Hulen St., Fort Worth, TX.  

RSVP by July 24th:  To


China Service Trip Reflection

When I decided to do this service trip, I didn’t really think much of it. It was something fun to do for the summer, and I would be able to go to the orphanage I stayed in, so that was nice. But I wasn’t expecting to learn or do as much as I did.
IMG_2696     IMG_2697

At the Changsha orphanage, my former orphanage, I met so many kids.

There was a girl, who was one of the 12 kids who went to ZhangJiaJie with our service trip group. She was 17. We couldn’t really talk to each other, but we taught each other words in Chinese and English. I’m really glad I met her.IMG_2698There was another girl at the orphanage, who was 11. She had down syndrome, but she was really clever. She called me her 姐姐, or, big sister, and I called her 妹妹, little sister. She always wanted me to stay, and I felt terrible, because I knew I wouldn’t be there forever, but I don’t think she did.IMG_2699Everyone at the orphanage called each other brother or sister, in some form. There was a guy who called me his little sister, but he didn’t think I knew what it meant, so he laughed about it a lot. Mostly, they just seemed like one huge family, and I thought that was a really beautiful thing. I also think that these kids need to be adopted. I think they need something permanent. But for now, I hope they like how they are, and I’m really happy I got to be a part of their family, even if it was just for a few days.

I know I sound really repetitive, but I have to say again – I did so much this trip, it seems like I was there for two months instead of two weeks. I met so many wonderful people, ate so much amazing food, stayed at amazing hotels, learned how to ask where the bathroom was in Chinese without being rude, and so much more. This was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

– Vivian, age 14

China Service Trip Check In

After spending a couple of days at Changsha Social Welfare Institute #1, the team took a trip to Zhangjiajie. What made this part of the trip even more special was that several of the children from Changsha #1 joined the team! The group visited Tianmen Mountain and were able to spend plenty of time together forming important bonds and friendships.

        IMG_2687  IMG_2689

“In addition to having the opportunity to learn more about my culture by visiting historical sights, I am fortunate to have the possibility to help other children learn about their culture. I loved being around the kids from Changsha SW1 and visiting Tianmen Mountain with them. It gave me the chance to improve my Chinese and make new friends. I am so lucky to be able to share this well-organized trip with them and I hope to become better friends with them over these next few days.”, Charlotte, age 16. 


Claire, age 15 shared, “We have had such a great time traveling throughout China and learning more about the Chinese culture and language. Additionally, we loved volunteering at Changsha SW1, and our most recent trip to Zhangjiajie with several of the children from Changsha has created many wonderful memories!”

             IMG_2693    IMG_2691


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