All I Need – Brothers Who Need Families – Taiwan

There are brothers waiting for a forever family.  Help them find that family!

Alec_and_OzzyThese are two wonderful boys who are lending their voices to shout out for children from their birth country who need forever families.

There are brothers waiting in Taiwan for a family to love them.  Paul is seven and Henry is five.  They are with different foster families now. Ideally we would like them to be in the same family, but Taiwan is willing to consider them going to families who live close enough to maintain contact between the brothers.

Henry is five years old has some delays in speech/language and delays in fine and gross motor general development.  He also is being monitored for cognitive delays.   He is living with a foster family who has really been committed to caring for him.  Additionally he has been diagnosed with Thalassemia.  No information about the type of Thalassemia is contained in the record.  It is stated he visits the hospital for follow-up every three months.  Currently he is doing well and making progress.

Paul is also diagnosed with congenital Thalassemia, type unknown and a mild Thoracic spine curvature.  He visits the hospital every three months for follow-up on the Thalassemia.  He has cognitive, gross and fine motor delays. He also has delays in speech, communication, and social skills.  He too has been placed with a loving foster family.  The foster family is carrying out a vigorous home training program for him and he is making progress.  He is making progress in school and in interpersonal interactions as well.

These two beautiful boys need a family to love them, to parent them, and to put them first.  Could that family be you?

All they need is Love!

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All I Need- Adopting a Child with Cerebral Palsy

Today we are sharing a story from a lovely adoptive Mom, Brandi.  She shares this special story to her son.  Even more special, she found her son on Rainbow kids!  Jaxson is nothing short of amazing.  Children whith cerebral Palsy can lead rich, complete fufilling lives.  This wonderful family is showing us how amazing this sweet boy has done.  All he needed was ….Love!  Thank you so much for sharing Brandi!

Our story to Jaxson, adopting a child with Cerebral Palsy

image (31)

We had just completed our adoption from South Korea for our son who we saw on Rainbow Kids and fell in love.  Being home 8 months, we had just gotten into a new normal with 3 kids and life was sweet.  I had been looking more into the China program, wanting to advocate for so many who were still waiting….deep down wanting to adopt again and I couldn’t contain my excitement when my husband said let’s adopt from China!

We started completing our dossier and looking for our son.  Once we were logged in, we were very eager to get matched and continued to search on our own as well as working with our agency.  I never stopped my Rainbow Kids emails from sending kids that met our profile and one day a precious boy was sent to us.  We did not originally have Cerebral Palsy on our list of needs (there was an error in his posting which is why he matched our list, but we know that was no error!)  In the end, we knew he was our son without a doubt and were blessed from Rainbow Kids again.  We changed our paperwork to include CP and were very excited to get Jaxson home!  We spent the next few months while we waited for all of the approvals and paperwork trying to learn all we could about CP and try to connect to specialists, therapist and families in the area that are familiar with caring for this need.  Jaxson’s file was pretty bare and we couldn’t get video or updated pictures to know how he was currently doing.  Just let me say, those are HARD months when you are waiting and have no idea how they are doing!

image (32)


On December 3, 2012, almost a year from starting, we finally had Jaxson placed in our arms.  We loved him so much immediately, but were concerned at how stiff his legs were and how weak his core was.  We enjoyed our time in China and came home to more tests, specialists and programs than you could count.  Until this time, Jaxson was unable to sit, stand, walk, chew food and had no interest in playing with toys. We enrolled in the early intervention program in our state, found a great therapist and put a care plan of trying to increase Jaxson’s weight (he wasn’t even on the growth scale), increase his flexibility and his mobility.  We could have never known how much he was going to just blow away every goal we had for him out of the water!

image (34)

image (38)

Jaxson learned English at an incredible speed and was showing us very quickly how smart he was once given the opportunity to learn and play.  With daily stretching and exercises, he started to loosen up and could now climb, cruise along furniture and crawl.  He started using a Kaye walker just a few months after starting therapy and was getting better every week at having the core strength to hold himself up and use it.  His progress was AMAZING!

Fast forward to a year later.  Jaxson wears AFO’s to help him use his walker every day to be mobile around his school and enjoys playing “mailman” and delivering messages to the office for the teachers.  He feeds himself, climbs the Chick Fila playground faster than his brother and will happily sing along to “Don’t Stop Believing” when it comes on the radio.  He loves Thomas the train and playing with his brother, sisters and friends and is one of the happiest kids I’ve ever met.  We still do therapy every week and he is continuing to make gains, even over a year of being home.  We have no doubt there is nothing our sweet boy cannot do if he sets his mind to it! We are so thankful every day for being led to Jaxson and being open to adopting a child with CP because he is a miracle.  In April, we will be flying to St. Louis to have SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) surgery, which will eliminate the spasticity in his legs and enable him to really be mobile and not have to fight against his body any longer.

image (36)

image (37)

Even though our schedules are filled with specialist appointments, IEP school meetings, therapy goal settings and follow ups, our hearts and home are also filled with the pure joy Jaxson gives our lives every day by being part of our family.

So Jaxson is an amazing boy who has met so many goals and will continue to develope, grow and make even more progress.  So many of these kids can make amazing progress.  They can be be a wonderful addition to your family with good medical care and therapy.  Could you parent a child with Cerebral Palsy?

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All I Need- Pearson

erin June to July 2013 2565

erin June to July 2013 2570

Pearson is an adorable boy who is five years old.  He has a beautiful smile and is described as a happy boy.  His favorite food is soup with veggies and his favorite toy is a ball.  He likes to play with his nanny.  Pearson’s medical need is cerebral palsy.  He is attentive and his nanny says he understands most words.  He can sit by himself in a small chair and can take steps with assistance.  He is waiting for a forever family to love him and bring him home.  Could he be your son?

All I Need is …..Love!

To learn more about Pearson or any other waiting children in our posts, contact Pat Marcus at

All I Need- Lainey




Lainey is a seven year old girl with a sweet personality.  She is attached to her caregivers.  She is sweet and has what  they say in her file is”good comon sense”.  She does not argue over toys.  Her special need is Cerebral Palsy.  She is not able to walk but crawls on hands and knees.  She assists the other children in the room if they need a change.  she helps nannies when she can.  She expresses her wants and needs but her language is delayed compared to her peers.  Her brain scan does not show abnormalities.  She also has strabismus.  She is a sweet girl who is waiting for someone to love her.  Could You be My Family?

Sui_Xiu_Bei2 (1)

All I Need is…. Love!

For more information about  Lainey or any of our other waiting children please contact

All I Need- Leo

Liang_Xiao_Di2 (1)


Leo is a four year old boy.  He knows the names of the children  in his class.  He is able to roll over and can sit with his hands on the surface.  He has cerebral palsy with an underlying brain developmental abnormality.  He likes to play games and enjoyed the battery powered type of toys.  His favorite snack fruit are apple and pear.  His speech has improved and he uses the words for daily living as well as the names of the children he plays with.  He also has strabismus which you can see in the pictures and is documented in his file.He is a sweet boy who is just waiting for someone to love him.  Could You be my family?


All I need is….Love!

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All I Need- Cerebral Palsy

In our special needs series we are going to look at Cerebral Palsy today.  We have seen  many children with this special need on our trips to China.  In China they translate this  as Cerebral Paralysis.  These children  are not defined by their special need.  They are waiting to be part of a family and can be brothers sisters, children and cousins.  They just need Love to make them a part of your family.


Cerebral palsy is a special need that  is caused by an injury to the brain  just prior to, during the birth process of just following birth.  Cerebral Palsy effects muscle tone, posture and movement.

Cerebral Palsy is classified by the areas of the body that is effected and the type of muscle tone present.  So Quadraplegia says that all four limbs are effected.  Diplegia is usually the lower limbs more than the upper limbs and hemiplegia is usually one side of the body.  Cerebral Palsy also is described by differecnce in muscle tone.  Some children have increased muscle tone and we call that spasticity or spastic.  Sometimes muscle tone is too low resulting in floppyness or hypotonia.  Other children have fluctuating tone or involuntary writhing movements that are called athetosis.  There is also a type of Cerebral Palsy called ataxic which results in lack of motor coordination.  So the type of Cerebral Palsy a child may have could be identified as, spastic diplegia.

How individuals with Cerebral Palsy function varies greatly depending on the level of involvement.  Some children will be able to walk and some will not. Some children will use a walker.  Some will have normal intellectual function.  Children may also have difficulty with swallowing and eating.  Stiff muscles and tightness may require surgery and physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy to help children achieve maximum function.

gongzhan 064

Cerebral Palsy is not progressive.  As a child gets older they may have tight muscles and need muscle and tendon lengthening to allow full joint mobility. Sometimes surgery on the bones is used to improve joint position.   There has been growth in the treatments for Cerebral Palsy. There is a surgery to help individuals with increased muscle tone function better.  There are also injections to decrease muscle tone in specific muscles.

There can be other issues associated with Cerebral Palsy.  Intellectual disabilities, difficulty with vision and hearing, Seizures, and difficulty with swallowing and drooling are possible.  Some children will have incontinence.  Some children with Cerebral Palsy have difficulty with communication and eating.

So its important when considering a child with Cerebral Palsy to know that they will need frequent physical, occupational and speech therapy to help them reach their maximum functional level.  They will need visits to both a pediatric orthopedist who practices in this area and to a neurologist.  They will also need checks for vision and hearing.  These are the major areas to be prepared to get checked out once you are home with your child.

2012 - 06 -21 Gongzhan 2 049

It is also important to check out resources in your area for individual with Cerebral Palsy to help you in your journey. It’s great to find specialists in your area prior to coming home.

Here is a reference site from a great organization.  There are many more resources available online.

Here is some more general info about Cerebral Palsy.

The last important thing to know is how each child functions with Cerebral Palsy may be very different.  NO two children with lets say, spastic diplegia, walk alike or  function at exactly the same level.  It is very important to know the functional information for these children.  How do they get around?  how many words can they say?  How well do they sit?  How well are they eating?  All these pieces really tell you how  they are functioning.

So adopting a child with Cerebral Palsy can be a wonderful addition to your family.  You can change their life and your child will have so much to give you as well.  All they need is a chance to be part of a family and Love!

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All I Need- Epilepsy

This week was world Epilepsy awareness day.  It was March 26th and its called Purple day.  We wanted to share some  information about this issue and remember all the children who have  this special need.

Epilepsy is an issue where an individual will have repeated seizures. Some statistics say one in ten people will experience at least one seizure during a lifetime. To be defined as Epilepsy it must be multiple seizures throughout a lifetime.  An estimated 50 million people worldwide have Epilepsy.  Epilepsy can be a special need by itself.  Seizures are also a  symptom of many other special needs.

A seizure happens when the nerve cells fire abnormally.  Seizures cause a change in function or behavior. A seizure may look different to those observing the person having a seizure.  Sometimes the individual will stare blankly.  Sometimes there are there are muscle spasms, uncontrolled movements and lack of awareness of their surroundings.  You may hear some seizures described as a convulsion.

Seizures can be treated by medication.  Once on medication the goal is to keep your child seizure free.  The child’s blood is monitored to determine the correct level of medication as your child grows in weight.

We met a child with this special need on our most recent trip to China.  We would like to share about him because this boy needs a family!!!

untitled-9178    erin June to July 2013 265     erin June to July 2013 263

XiongXiong is a  nine year old boy with a sweet, round face and sparkling eyes.  His special need is epilepsy.  He is a talkative boy and uses lots of words to convey what he means.  He enjoys outside play and enjoys watching Journey into the West.  His favorite character on the show is the Monkey King.  He really liked playing soccer with the Superkids team.  He was so happy the day we met him  enjoying all the play activities and the attention.  This sweet boy is waiting for someone to love him.  Could he be your son?

All I Need is….LOVE!

To learn more about XiongXiong, visit or contact Pat Marcus at



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