Each and Every Child is Special

We met so many beautiful children on the Superkids trip.  Now files are coming in.  We can’t wait for many of these cuties to find their forever families.  So here are a few of the awesome children we met from this trip.









Each one of these cuties has their own special likes and dislikes.  Anibel liked the baby doll.  James liked every toy we put out.  Bennett has the most beautiful smile.  Grant is such a beautiful boy and very cuddly!    Could any of these kiddos be your son or daughter?

For more information on any of these beautiful children,  Please contact  patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com


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China Service Trip Reflections

IMG_1790Being a Chinese adoptee, I was super nervous about going to work at a Chinese orphanage. I had no idea what to expect or how I would be able to communicate with the language barrier. I did not know the age of the kids or the conditions of the orphanage. I came in with an open mind and open arms.

On the first day, the workers greeted us with welcoming faces and open arms and immediately led us to little kids who could not have been more than four-years-old. The kids were a little timid at first but their blank expressions quickly turned into smiles. In that moment I knew this experience was going to change my life.

The kids taught me a lot about myself. They were just so happy and all smiles despite what little they had. It made me more appreciative of what all I have. I was able to work with different children of various ages giving them individual attention and I think that is all they wanted. Seeing the kids faces light up by simply letting them sit in your lap or giving them a high-five was more than enough. I was very humbled and touched and these children will always have a special place in my heart.

MeiganThis was my first service trip with Gladney and I was glad it was to China. Being able to come back to the country I was adopted from was an experience of a lifetime. I was able to experience Chinese culture (including some yummy food!!), work with and learn from wonderful children and staff at the orphanage, and meet some amazing adults and other teenagers who also were on the trip. This trip was more than I could have ever asked for and it would not have been possible without Gladney. I am so thankful for the love and support of Gladney and also very thankful for a life-changing trip.

- Meigan, age 18, Louisiana


When I heard about the Gladney trip to China, I was really excited. Not only was I going to spend about two weeks with other adoptees but, I would get to spend about three days with children in an orphanage. I have been to other countries to help children in need but, this was totally different. I have studied Mandarin for about two years and now I finally got to use it.  I was extremely excited for the trip.

One the first day at the orphanage, I was blown away by what I saw. This was an orphanage that helped children with special needs.  They help with children in so many ways and the staff were always smiling. The children were so excited to see us and jumped up and down when they saw us. The children have had much love from the staff and they were always smiling. Their smiles brighten my day when I saw them and their laughs were so cute. 

The last couple of days went by really fast. They could pick up on English really fast and they loved being with us. They never ran out of energy and I was so sad for them to leave. They have left a hand print on my heart that would never fade. I will hopefully get to sponsor one of the children and they have changed me so much. I will miss them greatly.   

- Sara Beth, age 14, Tennessee  


Meet the Cutie- Ace




Ace is 8 years old and lives in foster care.  He likes lollipops and likes to play.  His favorite toy is Ultraman.  He is generally happy but is reported to be shy.  He is living in foster care.  He can stand on one foot and jump off the floor.  He held the pencil well, copy shapes and is able to use chopsticks.  The foster family told us that he was delayed so he was not in school.   His special need is treated hydrocephalus. He needs a family to love him.  Help  him reach his maximum potential.


When the Superkids team met him we felt he was a happy fun boy who needed someone to catch him up and help him.  Could he be your son?



I am a Cutie and I need a family.

For more information about Ace or any of our other waiting children please contact  patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com

China Service Trip Reflections

Alexa1 IMG_1754

Being at the orphanage was a life changing experience for me. I had gone into the visit thinking that it would help me feel better about my past. In reality, from the moment I walked into the building and saw the kids, I knew that my purpose was to help them, and make their day the best it could be.

I am very thankful that I could spend those short three days with them and see their smiling faces, which let me know that they were enjoying themselves as much as I was. Even their care- takers were smiling and were happy to see the kids so overjoyed.

Seeing some of the kids that were my age and older than me was heartbreaking. It made me realize how that could have easily been me and how lucky I am to have parents that love and cherish me.

Despite the language barrier (which seemed non-existent), we were all able to make strong bonds with each other which will not be forgotten and will stay with us forever. Through games, music and art, we were able to connect with each other in a way that I cannot explain. The bond is truly special to me.

Alexa, age 14

Adopted from Nanchung, China

Living in New York, USA


My name is Eyerus and I am from Ethiopia. My time in China is good because I am having a fun time hanging out with the kids who are very special to me. When I first saw the kids it broke my heart because they were so adorable and also knowing that their parents abandoned them.  I can relate to how it feels to be alone and not knowing what’s going on in the orphanage. I really want them to have a good life and the ability to do what they want with their life. I want to adopt them all. I think about them all the time because they put a smile on my lips. I love them and I don’t know what I would do without them in my life. I just can’t wait to tell my parents about them and see what we can do to help or adopt.

~Always smile from EYERUS


Meet the Cutie – Abigail



Abigail is a beautiful little girl who is sweet and curious.  She is 22 months old.  She is sitting and loved playing with the stacking cups.  She can prop up on her arms and look around when she is on her belly and she has a cute smile.  Her special need is CHD and developmental delay.  She had surgery in 2012.  She is  beautiful girl who is waiting for her family.



I am cutie and I need a family!

For more information about Abigail please contact patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com

China Service Trip Reflections


When I first arrived at the orphanage I didn’t know what to expect. Being a Chinese adoptee myself, I had always wondered the conditions of which the little babies and kids lived under. It’s always been a “what if” question and this trip was the answer. Out of everything that I’ve experienced while in China, the trips to the orphanage were the most fun and enjoyable.

It didn’t mean much to me until now. Having said goodbye to my new mei-mei (little sister) the emotions have hit hard. I didn’t want to leave her and I still feel really awful about saying goodbye. She changed my view of everything and left a handprint on my heart. I won’t be able to forget her adorable smile when I lifted her in the air, and taught her how to high five and shake her hands in the air in accomplishment. She learned from me and this was the first time I felt true joy. The feeling you get when you see a four year old smile and you know that you’re the cause of it is priceless.

I was rewarded with a kiss to the cheek and the little girl saying “Wo Ai Ni jie jie” meaning I love you older sister. I bonded with her and I didn’t want to let her go (I hope I can sponsor her once I get home). She was my mei-mei and saying goodbye was the hardest thing I have ever done.

This experience has been life changing and I wouldn’t trade any of the time I spent at the orphanage for anything. It was an incredible experience and I feel as though I have finally found closure for my own story and I am thankful that I have left such an impact on the little girl as well as the other kids at the orphanage. I hope I can go on another service trip soon. Every single moment spent has changed me and that little girl stole my heart. I won’t ever forget her or how I felt while there.

- Mary Rose, age 18



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