EVERY Child Matters- Geoff


Geoff is a handsome curious boy.  He was 16 months old when the Superkids team met him this summer.   He was found at one day old and appeared to be a premature infant with a PFO and a small hemangioma on his hand.   He likes blocks and is quite cuddly.  He can crawl around the room but is not yet walking.  He is a but is comfortable with strangers after a little time.   He will warm up and relax. He is doing so many baby things.  He is banging cups together,  transferring objects hand to hand  and he has the cutest smile.


Geoff is waiting for a family to fall in love with him.  He could do so well with the love of a forever family!

Every Child Matters! Geoff matters!  Could he be your son?

If you want more information about Geoff,  please contact,  Pat Marcus at patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com




EVERY Child Matters – Gwendolyn

The Asia Waiting Child team is happy to announce we have new files in for some amazing beautiful children.  Each and every one of these Children is an amazing and unique individual with a unique story.   Could one of these wonderful children be a part of your family?  Are they your son or daughter?




Gwendolyn is a beautiful little girl who is four years old.  She was five months old when she came into orphanage care.  Her story is she was found holding a picture with her birth date  written on the back.  She is just full of personality.  She likes to play with blocks and loved the fruit snacks we brought.  She has a sweet tooth.   Gwendolyn is compassionate to the children in her room.  When she sees someone who is crying,  she will go over and pat them.  She tries to comfort them.  She is attached to her caregivers and likes to be with her favorite caregiver. Gwendolyn enjoys being held and hugged.

gwendolyn 2


Gwendolyn’s special need is severe hearing loss and post operative congenital heart disease.  When she met the Superkids team, she seemed to understand what we were asking her to do.  She followed our gestural communication.  She was able to sit on the floor and play then get up and walk and run too!  Gwendolyn also scribbled on the paper as we encouraged her to do.


Gwendolyn needs love and a forever family to call her own.  She is a beautiful girl who is just waiting for all the Love of a family.

Every Child Matters!  Gwendolyn Matters!  Could she be you daughter?

If you want more information about Gwendolyn,  please contact Superkids program director,  Pat Marcus at patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com


Special needs info- Dwarfism awareness month

October is national Dwarfism awareness month.  There are an estimated 30,000 people in the United States and 651,000 internationally with a type of dwarfism.  There are over 200 types of dwarfism.  We use dwarfism to refer to the group but individuals are called little people.  This month s a great opportunity to teach and share with children about diversity and embracing difference.

Important concepts for everyone to know about little people-

- They can do everything a taller person can do it just looks a little different.

-  Because they are smaller,  don’t treat a little person like a child.  They don’t need to be picked up or carried or have their hand held unless its age appropriate.

-  The Little People of America has cards that help encourage dialogue about dwarfism.  visit LPA,  The link is below.  These are a great educational tool and you might like to get some.  Or some of their materials for general awareness.


Here are some excerpts from a previous special needs information post

Dwarfism is a type of skeltal  dyspalsia.  Children are born with skeletal dysplasia and there are over 200 different types of skeletal dysplasia that can be described as dwarfism.  Osteogenesis imerfecta falls under the skeletal dysplasia umbrella as well.  Children with these conditions are described as ‘little people”, or as a “little person”.  They may also be described as a person having dwarfism.  Individuals with dwarfism are generally of normal intelligence

Dwarfism of skeletal dysplasia is caused by genetic inheritance or by spontaneous mutation.  In general most children who have Achondroplasia are born to average sized parents.  The other term we refer to is short in stature.  That means having a height under 4’10 inches.  Short stature can again be subdivided into proportional or non-proportional.  This means is one part of the body is smaller as compared to the rest of the skeleton.  In some individuals with skeletal dysplasia, upper arms and legs are smaller than would be expected.  The most common and well identified type of dwarfism is Achondraplasia.

Achondroplasia accounts for 70 percent of the cases of dwarfism.  There are several important complications to be aware of for individuals with Achondroplasia.  Bowing of the long bones should be watched to maintain skeletal alignment.  Children with Achondroplasia or other skeletal dysplasias can have spinal stenosis, narrowing of the spinal canal that contains the nerves.  Surgery is the treatment for both of these issues if they are severe.  Sleep apnea is common as well.  There can also be issues with the teeth and frequent ear infections are common.

The most important thing to know about individuals with dwarfism is they can do everything an average height individual can do.  Sometimes how these individuals do a task looks different, but they are capable of accomplishing what they set out to do.

If you want to learn more about skeletal dysplasia, you can visit   http://www.lpaonline.org

We see Dwarfism as a common need on a waiting child list from China.  So be aware, educate yourself and your children.  It is possible that as you learn more you can have a heart for these wonderful waiting kiddos and be a Mom or Dad to a child with dwarfism.

If you would like information please contact Pat Marcus at patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com


Every Child has a Story- Christopher

See this handsome boy?  We are calling him Christopher.  He is 10 years old and a sweet boy.  We met him on our 2013 trip and again this year.  He is handsome and sweet and Gongzhan really loved this child.  They spent time coloring together and they shared a banana. He liked the iPad too!  The orphanage told us he is the smartest boy in the orphanage.



So this is Christopher’s story.  He has a degenerative disease.  He cannot move his legs and is not continent.  The orphanage knows how much he loves school so every day they put him in the car and drive him there.  They carry him in and place him at his desk.  He sits there until school is over.  He is such an amazing boy.  He like to turn his hat backwards and when he smiles he has a really special grin.  He looks so cute and so brave.

Gongzhan so wanted to help this boy.  He made him promise to eat more.  Drink enough water and try to get as strong as he can be.  So it took a long time for Christopher to have a file prepared.  He is such a wonderful boy who needs love.  IS your heart big enough to be open to a child with an issue like this.  Could you love him no matter what may come?  Could he be your boy?




Every Child has a story and is an Amazing and Unique individual.

If you would like more information about Christopher please contact  patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com


Taiwan Brothers

This summer after Superkids China trip, a smaller team continued to Taiwan.  Our purpose was mostly to talk about the Superkids program with Gladney’s partner organizations in Taiwan.  We were able to meet a few children while we were there.  The Superkids enthusiasm for children seems to be infectious.  We were so excited to meet these children.  

 Chen,Li-Sheng-2     Chen,Li-Yu-2

Today we are going to share about two brothers we are calling them David and Daniel.    David turned 9 years old today!!  Daniel, the little guy, is five.  We met David first.  He is a bit quiet.  He likes to play and is quite well-coordinated.  He enjoys outside games.  His favorite game is soccer.  He is just fun to be with.   His favorite subject in school is math.   David has ADHD that he takes medication for.  You can read more about him in his file.  The most important thing to know about this beautiful boy is he needs a family to love him.

Daniel came in next.  It was heartwarming to see him run straight at his brother and give him the biggest hug.  His big brother hugged him and then patted him on the head.  Such a sweet moment for these two brothers.  He and David do not get to see each other very much, they are in different living situations.  This little guy is a cutie too.  He loved to play and really liked the play dough.  We gave him several containers to keep. We made impressions and rolled the dough into snakes.  We were also copying shapes and drawing with crayons.  When we made a square he turned it into a face, gave it arms and a chef hat. He is so sweet and cuter than cute.  He has a handsome round face and a beautiful heart.

We cannot imagine these beautiful boys not having a forever family.  They need love and nurturing. It would so help these boys to be together in the same home.  Their love for each other was clear.  Could they be your sons?

  Every child has a story.  These brothers are unique and amazing individuals.

For more information about these amazing boys please contact, mary.chapman@gladney.org.

Adopting a child with Down’s Syndrome- A family story

One of our sweet Mom’s shared this blog she wrote.  She has a beautiful daughter with this need. She is one determined Momma and is so blessed to have this beauty in her life.  In life the hardest things reap the greatest rewards. Adoption is heard and challenges crop up but there is such a great reward to be changing a life.   We want to thank this special Mom for this wonderful story and adorable pics!


From a very young age, individuals with Down Syndrome (DS) have attracted my attention. As a result, I have spent more time with the DS population than the average 38-year-old woman. In June of 2012, when my husband and I came to a place where we were both ready to add a child through adoption to our family, we only checked ‘Down Syndrome’ on the special needs worksheet. We were matched off of the Chinese Shared List with an almost two-year-old girl named TuYuan. Her referral picture sealed the deal for the entire family—a cute, pudgy, rounded face crowned with two pigtails pointing straight up! We were in love. As with all adoptions, the paperwork separating us from our daughter took longer to complete than we imagined, but on May 27, 2013 our little girl who we named Pearl Katherine TuYuan, walked into my arms.


We were amazed by her exceptional fine motor skills. Even though she didn’t know any English and we didn’t know any Chinese, she was able to clearly communicate exactly how she wanted things to happen! We began teaching her sign language, which she picked up immediately. After six months Pearl has mastered about 30 signs that she uses daily to communicate her needs. This has been my first experience using sign language with one of my children and YouTube and Signing Times are great resources for novices like me! We purchased an indoor trampoline which has been key to strengthening her leg muscles and core. She has learned to climb stairs, run and kick a ball. She loves the Kindermusik class we attend together each week and leads dance parties with her brothers and sisters.


Pearl is a beautiful child. She attracts positive attention wherever we go. People seem to be drawn to her in some mysterious way. It is rather humbling to us to think that in China she was cast aside and considered a curse but here in our community she is a bit of a celebrity. God’s plans for her are so much better than any human plan.



We haven’t been without struggles over these six months but I do not believe those have anything to do with Pearl having Down Syndrome. She has felt every loss she has experienced in her life to the same degree as a ‘normal’ child. She is still grieving those losses. The only marked difference I see between Pearl and other children her age is her language development. It will be a slow process with lots of help from trained professionals and a very determined Mommy.


This kiddo just makes me smile.  Well could you  parent a child with Downs Syndrome?  Above all else these kiddos need families, Love and a happy future.

If you would like more info or to be connected to an advocate,  Please  contact patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com

Urgent advocacy for Adam




You may remember several stories about Adam.  He is a sweet boy who has a congenital heart defect.  He is the sweetest of boys.  He loves to sing and play. He enjoys making new friends.  He is a basically happy boy.  We love Adam and really want him to find a family.  The Superkids team has met Adam twice.  The first time we met Adam with his best friend Austin.  This time he came with staff from his foster home. He seemed tired and a bit sad that day.  We don’t know if his impeding 14th birthday is of concern to him or if he was just tired from the day.  He is usually a laughing fun boy and told us last year how much he wanted a family but this year, there was no hope in his eyes.  Maybe because his best friend has already aged out.  There is barely time for his forever family to get to him.



There is a little more to tell you about Adam.  He has had at least one surgery for his CHD.  He will need more.  You can read more about him in his file.  As a prospective adoptive parent you would need to be ready to face these challenges with Adam.  He is an older by who so desperately needs a family to love him.  Older boys are just not considered as much but are so fun.  He could be such a wonderful son.  He will age out in January of 2015. There is no aging out plan for these children.  Sometimes they can find a job. We don’t know what his life will look like with the guidance of parents.  Who will make sure he can have a good life.   Can you see yourself choosing this boy who loves to sing. He could be an amazing son!!!


Every child has a story and is a unique and amazing individual

If you want more information about Adam,  please contact Superkids program director,  Pat Marcus at patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com


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