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Today we have a very special announcement.  A child that the entire Superkids team met in China will have a family/  While we are overjoyed we wont do our general ding ding ding.  Every team member’s hear t is wrapped up in this wonderful, beautiful special girl finding her forever family.  We are excited but also just in awe of how big and amazing this is.

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Our hearts are full of joy for both this girl who occupies such a place in all of our hearts and for her wonderful family who are in our hearts too.  Our hearts are full.

News from over Here!!!

Guess whose status is now Special Focus!!!!



And guess whose file has finally been located?



Just to know we do plenty of things for our girls too, but we need to work so much harder to help our boys find forever families.  So please consider our boys too!  Being a boy should not be  special need!!!!

Want more information on either of these two cuties, Please contact  patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com


Two Precious Girls- Amelia and Charlotte

Today I want to tell you about two little girls.  Both of them are absolutely perfect and precious. Both of them also have Down’s Syndrome.




I’ll start with Amelia.  She is two and a half years old.  She loves to be snuggled and cuddled and is very adept at getting her point across when she wants to be held!  When the Superkids team visited her orphanage this summer she was a little unhappy when she felt she was being ignored.  She got one of the volunteers’ attention and was soon being held.  Amelia made it pretty obvious how much she enjoyed it when she snuggled down and went off to sleep in the volunteer’s arms!

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Amelia can walk with support. She can sit and crawl. She has a good appetite and is generally in good health.  She loves looking at and talking to herself in the mirror.  Doesn’t she sound sweet?


And then there is precious Charlotte. She is six years old.  She loved interacting with the Superkids team!  She had so much fun blowing bubbles and playing with balloons.  She is very good at imitating.  We would make a silly noise when throwing the balloon to her.  She picked right up on that and made the noise every time she threw the balloon back!


Charlotte is able to speak in simple sentences.  She likes to sing and dance and can also recite rhymes.  She is a happy, healthy little girl who thrives on routine.  She is toilet trained and is able to perform simple self-care activities.  She can run and jump and stand on one foot.  She feeds herself and especially enjoys eating rice.  She just loved the iPad and plays a great game of balloon catch!


Charlotte is truly a special little girl whom the entire Superkids team loved.  She is so full of joy that she is just waiting to share with her forever family.

Could either of these precious girls be your daughter?  They are ready and waiting to give and receive a lifetime of love!  For more information on either of these girls please contact Pat Marcus at patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com


Superkids Webinar

In case you weren’t able to tune in live for the Superkids webinar that was held last night, we’ve uploaded a recording of the webinar here!  We hope that all of these precious children, and the ones we weren’t able to include in the webinar, find their forever families.  For questions or more information, please contact Pat Marcus at patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com.



Adorable Audra


Audra is an adorable little bug who is two going on three.  She loves to sing and dance.  She has a great relationship with the caregivers and loves to be held.  She loves to play games with her caregivers as they hold her.   She is a busy little girl who enjoys toys.  She can peel an egg, eats with a spoon and is a little shy with unfamiliar people.  Audra’s special need is cleft lip and palate.  She has had some surgery for this special need.   She is adorable and captured the heart of the Superkids team.   She needs a family who will love her and help her grow and develop.


I am Special!  I Matter!


For more information about Audra, please contactpatriciamarcuspt@gmail.com

Sweet Aubrey


Aubrey has grown  so much in the past year.  the Superkids team  met her first in 2013 and again this year.  A year older and she is such a laughing and happy girl.  She giggles a lot.  She is playful and likes to run and play and jump.  She enjoys new things and went from activity to activity.   She made up games for herself to play, like walking on the edge of the scooter ramp.  Her special need is Ptosis( droopy eyelids) and a heart issue called tricuspid regurgitation.  She is living in foster care.  Aubrey needs a forever family who will love her and run and play and help her grow.



I am special and I matter!  Could you be my family?


For more information about Aubrey, please contact patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com



Beautiful Bailey


Well, what a difference a year makes.  Bailey was seen by the Superkids team in 2013 and we just saw her again this year.   She is older, stronger and ever so cute.  She likes the jumpy horse and to kick the ball.  She is full of spice and is a very talkative little girl.  Her special need is delayed development some additional medical history.  She spent a lot of time with the Superkids team this year.  She ran to Hannah and wanted to be held or play with her when ever she could.  She is so cute and full of confidence and mischief.  She needs a Mom and Dad to love her.


I am Special!!! I matter!!!  Could you be my family?


For more information about Bailey, Please contact  patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com


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