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You may remember several stories about Adam.  He is a sweet boy who has a congenital heart defect.  He is the sweetest of boys.  He loves to sing and play. He enjoys making new friends.  He is a basically happy boy.  We love Adam and really want him to find a family.  The Superkids team has met Adam twice.  The first time we met Adam with his best friend Austin.  This time he came with staff from his foster home. He seemed tired and a bit sad that day.  We don’t know if his impeding 14th birthday is of concern to him or if he was just tired from the day.  He is usually a laughing fun boy and told us last year how much he wanted a family but this year, there was no hope in his eyes.  Maybe because his best friend has already aged out.  There is barely time for his forever family to get to him.



There is a little more to tell you about Adam.  He has had at least one surgery for his CHD.  He will need more.  You can read more about him in his file.  As a prospective adoptive parent you would need to be ready to face these challenges with Adam.  He is an older by who so desperately needs a family to love him.  Older boys are just not considered as much but are so fun.  He could be such a wonderful son.  He will age out in January of 2015. There is no aging out plan for these children.  Sometimes they can find a job. We don’t know what his life will look like with the guidance of parents.  Who will make sure he can have a good life.   Can you see yourself choosing this boy who loves to sing. He could be an amazing son!!!


Every child has a story and is a unique and amazing individual

If you want more information about Adam,  please contact Superkids program director,  Pat Marcus at patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com

Join Superkids in Honoring Martha Osborne !!!!

On November 7th 2014,  we will Honor Martha Osborne in NYC for her international adoption advocacy.  She has revolutionized the adoption landscape by creating a centralized place waiting parents can find out about waiting children, special needs and international adoption. She is the founder of rainbowkids.com.  It is our great pleasure to celebrate all Martha has done for international adoption.

So  save the date!!!!savethedate



Taiwan Waiting Children


Did you know that there are many children, of all ages, in Taiwan waiting for their forever families?  There are many boys and girls, ranging in age from toddlers to young teens.  There are also many sibling groups of two or more children waiting to be matched with a family.  Some of the children waiting for families have special needs, but many of the school aged children are healthy.  Some of the most common special needs we see are children with ADHD, Hepatitis B, exposure to drug or alcohol abuse in utero, a family history of mental illness or disabilities, or children with a difficult social history.

Gladney learns about waiting children through our two partner organizations in Taiwan, Cathwel Services and Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation.  We get thorough files on each child, including social history and medical reports, developmental checklists, photos, and very often, videos.  Once families are matched with a child or children, not only will you get updated reports on their health and development, but you’ll also get to have Skype sessions with your child while waiting to bring them home.

If you would like to learn more about the waiting children in Taiwan, please be in touch with Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman at mary.chapman@gladney.org.  Let’s find these precious children the forever family they deserve!

Every Child has a Story- Charlie

Charlie is a cutie.  He is described as a happy boy.  He is 20 months old.  His favorite toy is the car swing but he likes to play with the ball too!  He crawls on hands and knees and will walk with you if you hold one hand.  His special need is cleft lip palate.  He has had surgery to repair his lip.  Charlie is eating porridge and steamed buns as well as rice.    Charlie is a happy boy with so much love to give.  Could he be your son?




Mr Charlie is a boy on the move!!

Every Child has a story and is an amazing and unique individual.

If you would like more information about Charlie please contact  patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com


Every Child has a Story- Scotty

See this beautiful boy.  We first met him in 2013.  When we met him he wanted to be in a walker and did not move around on his own much.  We asked about him this year and although he was not at the orphanage when we were there.  He was doing so much better.  Look at these beautiful pics.  His color has improved and he is so so handsome.  So meet Mr Scotty.  He is almost three.    He is walking.  He is cuter than cute. His special need is a congenital heart defect. Could you be open to this need? Could this sweet little man be you son.


This is Scotty in 2013



And here he is in the pics from his orphanage file  We love this boy and Hope he will find hid forever family.

Every Child has a story and is an amazing and unique individual.

If you would like more information about Scotty  please contact  patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com

Every Child has a Story- Amelia


Amelia is a beauty!  She is two and a half years old.  The orphanage says she likes new things.  She  is happy and playful!!!  She prefers to scoot on her bottom but can take weight on her feet.  She is such a cutie.  She has grown since we met her last year and this year the Superkids team almost  did not recognize her.  She likes to play with a ball and tried to see how many balls she could hold at once.  She laughed and played and is such a happy sweet spirit.  Her special need is Downs Syndrome.  She is waiting for her forever family. Could this sweet, beautiful little girl be your daughter?



She is too much fun!!!

Every Child has a story and is an amazing and unique individual.

If you would like more information about Amelia  please contact  patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com

Every Child has a Story

Superkids met many children this Summer in China.  In the coming month we are going to help these children by sharing their stories.  We will help them speak louder and let you know how wonderful each sweet child is.  Every one of these precious children matter.   They are waiting children who are ready to be  sons and daughters.  We believe there are also waiting families out there for every one of them.  So today we begin with this very special precious child.


Today we begin with Charlotte,  She is such a beauty and full of fun.  She plays balloon chase and likes the iPad and we just love her.  She tries to get everyone to play with her.  She is just so so cool.  Charlotte is  six years old and her special need is Downs syndrome.  She can run and jump and play and has such a happy personality.  She likes music and likes to play games.  Could this beautiful little girl be your daughter?


Every child has a story and is a unique amazing individual!

If you would like more information about Charlotte please contact  patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com


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